"The Tetragrammaton is the Human Heart"
Client: Personal project (2008)
I will let this open for personal interpretations.

Club flyer
Client: Dama de Ferro (2007)
A flyer I've designed for DJ Chris Carrier party that took place on Rio-based night club Dama de Ferro.

SIACOM new website [ ONLINE >> ]
Client: SIACOM Design + Propaganda (2007)
The brief for their new website design was to warm the visitor, make it feel dynamic and cozy.

Siacom e-mail marketing
Client: SIACOM Design + Propaganda (2007)
Brazilian ad agency SIACOM asked me to design a piece illustrating the variety of styles, faces and solutions they can bring to their clients. It was their first online strategy of this year.

Trigrammaton typeface
Client: Personal project (2007)
This is the second typeface I have created. It was really challenging because of the angles and thin lines.

Tilt flyer
Client: Tilt (2006)
Flyer for weekly rock party Tilt, based off Rio de Janeiro.

'We moved and would love of your visit'
Client: SIACOM Design + Propaganda (2006)
SIACOM moved to a new place so this was an illustration for an email marketing announcing the new adress and phone.

Camiseteria t-shirt contest
Client:Camiseteria (2007)
Although it recieved very positive criticism the tshirt didn't make it to the collection.

GE Park 2007 Calendar
Client: GE Park | comissioned by 2P Studio (2007)
2P Studio invited me to design 13 illustrations for GE Park's 2007 calendar. It was challenging for the deadline was pretty short.

Client: personal project (2007)
This is an illustration I did together with the typeface of the same name.

"80's Girrrrrrl"
Client: personal project (2006)
This illustration came out influenced by the recent 80's revival and its musical imagery.

Hang The DJ flyer
Client: Hang the DJ (2006) | executed at SIACOM Design + Propaganda
This flyer was designed for a Rio de Janeiro based monthly rock party.

Client: Personal project (2006)
A digital collage intended to represent some fears of young children as they are forced to go through unpleasant experiences.

Desordem typeface
Client: Personal project (2006)
This was my first try at creating typefaces and the all I had in mind was that it had to be fat and spontaneous.

Client: Personal project (2006) | done in collaboration with Lucas Menezzes
Lucas and I joined again in this spontaneous childish-like semi-abstract illustration. We just wanted to have fun!

Siacom t-shirt
Client: Siacom Design + Propaganda (2006)
A t-shirt art I designed for everybody at Siacom wear during the broadcast of Brazil games in the 2006 World Cup.

Sabor Artificial
Client: Maguila Magazine (2006)
I specially designed this illustration about the false/attractive for the 8th edition of online experimental design & art magazine Maguila.

Client: Maguila Magazine (2006)
A vintage-influenced illustration and originally a gift I gave to my mother.

Old DanFervin.com design
Client: personal project (2006)
This is the old layout design for my online portfolio that was on the air in the year of 2006.

FIFA World Cup 2016 promo poster
Client: A! Body Tech | executed at SIACOM Design + Propaganda (2006)
Illustration for a poster intending to be a support message for Brazil in the 2006 World Cup.

Siacom promo illustration
Client: Siacom Design + Propaganda (2006)
I had to create an illustration to go in the old Siacom website in order to imprint a more flowing and artistic feel to their cold and serious layout.

Siacom promo illustration
Client: Siacom Design + Propaganda (2006)
This illustration was created for an email marketing action in order to let the visitors know about site updates.

Client: personal project | done in collaboration with Lucas Menezzes (2005)
Embraces the psychedelism of the 70’s but without losing the contemporary touch of the new millennium.

The Envelope Which Contains All The Secrets
Client: personal project (2005)
It's about humans’ most obscure secrets being kept and protected from themselves, deep inside themselves, in a fragile but well hidden place.

Machinary and Flowers
Client: personal project (2005)
Temporary layout / promo illustration done for my own website under the theme glitch, beauty and technology.

INvisible Magazine
Client: academic work (2005)
A project I did during my graduation course: a design magazine with strong visual appeal and dedicated to themes such as Art, illustration, typography and motion graphics.

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